Whether you have a manual or an automatic driveway gate you will inevitably need some kind of maintenance service or repair fix in the future. While properly installed driveway gates are certainly made to be long-lasting and strong you’ll sometimes encounter issues like electronic or mechanical failures, vehicle damage, weather damage and problems from normal wear and tear.

To avoid compromising the safety and security of your home and family, and minimizing the cost of repairs, follow this guide to identify common causes of gate failures and knowing when you need to call a professional gate repair service.

The difference in driveway gate repairs

Driveway gates can be as different as the homes in which they’ve been installed. While you can find stock designs and manufactured gates at the big retailers, sometimes a custom driveway gate is necessary due to landscaping, the size of a driveway, or even your choice in style and design.

Depending on the type of gate you’ve installed or the complexity of your repairs can vary much so.

Manual gates don’t use electronics and use simple opening mechanism to open and close, like rolling along a track or opening on hinges like any other gate or door.

Electronic (automatic) driveway gates can be a little more complex, depending on the nature of the repair and you have other accessories built in as part of the operation like vehicle detection systems, keyless entry, computer controlled systems, wiring, hydraulics, and more.

Repair and maintenance is inevitable for any driveway gate

Regardless of the size, materials, design, or type of driveway gate you have installed, you will eventually need some kind of maintenance. While quality, professionally installed driveway gates require little to no maintenance there are still issues that can come up.

Normal wear and tear that comes from standard operation will eventually result in repair needs to tracks, hinges, latches and other elements but there are causes for driveway gate service and repair.

Common causes of driveway gate breakdown

Inclement weather/weather damage – Driveway gates are extremely strong and rigid but extreme weather can lead to weak or broken parts. This can come from fallen trees/branches, lightning strikes, high winds, debris, etc.

Improper use – Any use of a gate outside of its intended use can stress the mechanical and electronic systems leading to early failure and damage.

Uncommon conditions/events – Repair may be necessary when accidents or damage occur from things like vehicle accidents to the gate or natural disasters like earthquakes or fires.

Electrical failure – With automatic gates there are a number of electronic systems that can fail such as the wiring, electrical connections, maglocks, and other accessories like keypads and sensor bars. It’s important to monitor these components because you don’t want safety systems to fail.

How to tell what your driveway gate needs repair service

With all the different potential points of failure it’s important to know signs that could indicate a need for service and repair. If you spot any of the following you should reach out to a professional gate installer or repair company to inspect your driveway gate immediately.

Grinding or grating sounds when the gate is opening or closing

Latch failure such as the gate not closing completely

Misalignment of gates to one another

Sagging in the gate

Cracks, breaks, or visible structural issues

Lack of response in automatic gate operation when opening or closing

Long response delays in operation when a gate is supposed to open or close (or failure to open or close)

Resistance when opening or closing a gate

Sensors failing to detect vehicles, or safety sensors not halting operation when motion is detected while closing

Driveway gate latches but does not lock (such as maglock failure)

Gate won’t stay closed (swings or rolls open on its own)

Obvious electrical or operational issues with automatic gates such as the gate opening and closing on its own

Dings, dents, and weathered appearance

Why choose a professional for gate repair and maintenance services?

Why choose a professional for gate repair and maintenance services?

A properly installed driveway gate should give a homeowner or business very few problems. Unfortunately, not all gate installers are created equal and sometimes they cut corners during installation or parts ordering.

Even manual driveway gates can be complicated to install properly and require experience and skill for precise installation. The same applies to repairs.

Both manual and electric driveway gates use heavy materials, with gates that can weigh several hundred pounds. Attempts at DIY repair or an unskilled gate repair technician could result in additional damage including injury to yourself or others. You could also see unusual wear and breakdown of components resulting from an improper installation.

Automatic gates come with even more risk when you factor in the electrical components that must be handled properly and only repaired by a knowledgeable, certified gate repair technician.

When you work with a professional gate repair technician, skilled driveway gate installation and repair technician you know that the service and parts are guaranteed, that proper parts will be used, and the gate repair technician won’t take shortcuts to get the job done quickly.

The right gate repair service is a smart investment that ultimately saves you time and money because it’s fixed right the first time, and the overall life of the driveway gate will be much longer.

Tips for choosing the right gate repair specialist Professional Gate Repair

Ask for reviews and recommendations

You don’t have to leave your search up to Google when looking for a gate repair technician. Start with friends, family and coworkers. Find out if anyone has worked with a reputable company they would recommend.

The people you know aren’t likely to recommend someone unless they can really vouch for the quality of their work. Don’t be afraid to check with professional contacts to ask for competent recommendations and referrals.

Check reviews

Testimonials are great if a company has them, but get some references from past customers (residential and/or commercial) to find out of if they were satisfied with the repair work or installation that was done by the contractor. A great way to do this is check on yelp or google my business, to read about the business.

Is the gate repair technician asking questions and actually inspecting the gate properly?

When you meet with the service technician to have them assess your gate repair needs, pay close attention to the questions being asked (if they even ask any) and how thoroughly they look over and inspect your driveway gate. Especially if the problem isn’t immediately obvious (like a gate physically damaged by a fallen tree or vehicle collision.) You want to know the inspection and estimate is accurate.

Do they offer warranty on labor and or parts for the gate repair service provided?

A reputable driveway gate repair service technician is more than happy to offer service guarantees on the work they do, which should include issues with replacement parts. Avoid working with any gate repair technician not willing to offer even a limited guarantee on their work.

Are they offering realistic options or suggesting more work than necessary?

While it’s important to trust your gate repair technician to some extent, be wary of unrealistic recommendations. For example, it’s not common to need to replace an entire driveway gate if a latch is failing to close properly.

If you’re unsure about the recommendation from your gate repair technician don’t hesitate to get a second opinion.

Can they do the work in a reasonable amount of time?

Some repairs can take longer depending on the complexity of your driveway gate, the type of repair needed, parts availability, and the availability/schedule of the gate repair technician or gate repair service company. With automatic gate failure you’re looking at security as well as safety concerns, so choose a gate repair technician who can repair your automatic gate quickly without cutting corners. You shouldn’t have to wait weeks to get your gate repaired.

Will the work be subcontracted?

Be sure to ask who will be performing the driveway gate repair. It’s not uncommon for busy gate repair technicians to initiate a repair job and then subcontract the work due to availability, skill, or resource issues. There’s nothing wrong with a subcontractor handling the work as long as it’s a skilled individual and you’re comfortable with the arrangement.

Check how long they’ve been operating

While the length of time a company has been operating isn’t exactly representative of their skill, it’s comforting to know your driveway gate repair company has a few years of experience under their belt.

Find the Right Gate Repair Company

Do your due diligence when looking for a driveway gate repair company companies. Putting in a little extra time to find the right gate repair company is a smart investment. You know that quality work will be done using the best parts for the job, and the work is guaranteed so if something does go wrong the contractor will handle issues that pop up.

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