Service in repair, maintenance, sales, and installation

Local gate service provides outstanding service in repair, maintenance, sales, and installation of Garage Doors.

We are proud to serve the Golden Gate community. With a garage door Operator, your life will be a lot simpler. There is no longer need to get out of your vehicle and manually open you garage door. With the push of a button, the garage door opener will open, allowing you to enter your garage. We specialize in selling/installing the garage door motor, rest assured, we also repair them. If you ever have problems in the future or you are currently in need of repairing your garage door or garage door motor, don’t hesitate give us a call.


Garage Doors

We specialize in :

  • Residencial Garage Doors
  • Garage Doors Openers
  • Garage Doors Gates
  • Sales/Installation

We focus is on repair service and replacement as necessary

Modern Glass Garage Door

Classic Steel Garage Doors

Panel Wood Garage Doors

Our service trucks are well stocked with repair parts which enable us to complete most service jobs in one trip. Low overhead expenses help us with cutting prices down and thus will be less than any other estimate.

We specialize in: All Garage Door Repair Service. All Gate Repair Service. We install new garage doors and new electrical gates (swinging/sliding).

Samples of Garage Door Parts: Damaged panels, Track and Rollers. also Hinges and Rubber strip for bottom of the garage door. Torsion Springs, Tension Springs and completely new garage doors installation.

Samples of Garage Door Openers: Circuit boards, Carriage/Trolley, Gears, Sensor Beams, Remotes, Batteries, Key-less Entry (Keypad), Complete garage door openers.

Our commitment is and always has been to give the best service possible at a fair price. We don’t compromise on our service or parts quality and safety is #1.

Local Gate Service provides top quality garage door service, repair, and garage door installation all over the bay area.

Customer support and responsiveness is guaranteed!

Residential Garage
Maintenance / Service

In many homes the garage door has replaced the front door as the main entrance and should be regularly maintained to keep it functioning smoothly and safely. With so many moving parts, we recommend that you call and schedule a service appointment today to help maintain and extend the life of your garage door and garage door opener.

Garage Door Service All Over the Bay Area


Even if you call a few years later,
we will know who you are. Call us +1 (800) 391-5122
Even if you call a few years later,
we will know who you are. Call us +1 (800) 391-5122

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